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How does SEO works on YouTube?

Did you know that YouTube is the number 2 search engines in addition to Google? Many people think, as long as I have a high Google ranking, I am “sorted”. However, you can really increase your online impressions through YouTube SEO services. Do you have a business and are you selling a service / product? 16% of all e-commerce shopping always do online research first and definitely check YouTube videos. Can I trust this company and who are they? Who are the competitors and perhaps they got better deals? Those questions will arise when people want to buy something. YouTube SEO services UK is an amazing way to give a look and feel about your business. This way, people have a more understanding who you really are and see your products and services. We as Mr Digital would like to give you some more insights how we can help you and why we think it is important to optimize YouTube channel.
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Mr SEO YouTube video as an example.

Let’s start with an easy example and use us as an example. As you can see, we are a Digital Marketing Agency in Bath, UK and we have an office in Sydney.  We can write lot’s of text and be everywhere on page 1. But you don’t have a clear picture of the organization. Who is Mr Seo in Sydney and who are the people behind the company? Seeing this video, what we made especially for this article. The video is clear, who, what and why. This sells better than some text right? You have an idea who Mr Seo is and why/ how we can help you. You see the real wrinkles of Mr SEO, Sydney and is REAL!! That’s the most important aspect to gain trust. Youtube is a great way of gaining trust and explaining things.. When writing this article Mr Digital was building the SEO website for Sydney see: Mr SEO Sydney. We even made a separate website for Sydney to be more ‘local’ seo agency bath

How to optimize videos for YouTube search?

This is a big and an important question. YouTube is also included by Google’s algorithms. It is an important part of your SEO strategy and should be integrated. Each video clip must have a purpose and added value for a special landing page. In this way you provide a more in depth explanation about your product and service. In a search engine you no longer score on specific keywords, but answering a “question” is more important these days. So you need more focus to solve something for your visitor, this can be supported by a you tube video. YouTube seo services will assist you to score higher on more keywords and get more traffic to your landing pages.

What do I have to change in YouTube to get to the top?

Let’s go back to the video again. The video is clear, but now we want to rank. See the status of this print screen: you tube SEO You see hardly any SEO , no comments, but a few likes and views. Here Mr SEO agency Sydney comes into action and provides better rankings. YouTube and SEO have a strong correlation, making it an important part of the overall picture. Please note, YouTube is very powerful to gain backlinks and is important to integrate in your Linkbuilding strategies.

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Of course we also want to give an example of a customer to show how things should be done. Because we have 10+ years of experience in local SEO, our client Canva asked us to participate in the global you tube strategy. Take a look at their you tube channel, a wow factor!

You also see that local SEO plays an important factor here because our strategy means that you now see a lot of Dutch movies about canva coming online. There is a lot of interaction and you can also clearly see that simple explanation is given about the brand + product. Just an example using our EU office as an example case.

Want to rank higher in Youtube?

Because we have 10 years of experience, we know what we are talking about. We can help you to optimize your channel and look at objectives together. We prefer to embark on the adventure together to integrate YouTube SEO into the overall SEO strategy. We are brand builders and specialists in increasing your organic traffic. Let’s schedule a free SEO consult!