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How does Remarketing work?

When a potential customer browses your site, a cookie will be installed in his browser. This will ‘follow’ them as they browse on other sites and allow ad platforms to serve very specific ads – your site, or the product or service that they were looking at. This web retargeting strategy provides a way to re-engage anonymous users and is also called pixel-based marketing.

Another way to do this is through list-based or email remarketing. Advertisers provide their platforms with a list of email addresses (for example, those who abandoned their carts) so users can see ads of the same products the next time they browse on the internet.

These two are examples of how you can implement retargeting. Other retargeting techniques include retargeting on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), mobile apps, dynamic retargeting (personalized ads up to the specific product/service level), and search retargeting (retargeting based on keywords a customer used to search instead of website visits).

Advertisers can choose to get the services of a ‘middle man’ (Adroll, Retargeter, Perfect Audience, etc) or to go directly to the exchanges (Google, Facebook, Twitter) to run their own retargeting campaigns.

What are the possibilities with Remarketing?

Google offers different ways to remarket:

  • Static/normal remarketing – refers to the standard way of following customers on the web using a cookie after the visitor viewed a web page. Then the customer gets a banner ad on a third-party website with a static offer.
  • Dynamic remarketing – allows marketers to show ads up to the specific product level which the customer visited previously. Then the customer gets a banner on a third-party website, but in this case with dynamic banner, which contains visited products or items on visited pages.
  • Search Ads (RLSA) – Remarketing lists for search ads uses search keywords as parameters for remarketing. For example, marketers can use the keyword ‘hotel in Amsterdam’ so when someone goes on a search engine and uses that keyword, Google can serve them with your ad.
  • Video remarketing – Video remarketing works on YouTube. If you wish to reach out to previous viewers of your video or those who subscribed to your channel, use the video remarketing solution.
  • Email-list remarketing (Customer Match) – Upload a list of your customers’ emails. Once customers sign in to their Gmail account, they will see your ads.

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Ongoing Support with Remarketing Campaigns

The task of an Google Ads remarketing campaign is to ensure that you are seen by former website visitors and buyers interested in buying your products on their customer journey. Use your budget purposefully and design a campaign to target relevant customers such as shopping cart dropouts, website visitors or customers who have not made a purchase for a long time. Our experts will design a campaign that accompanies your target group while they are on their customer journey. Through continuous monitoring, we ensure the consistent optimization of your campaign.

We Optimize your current Google Adwords Campaigns

A well-thought-out remarketing campaign increases conversions and sales. Have you noticed a problem with your campaign conception? Our veteran experts are eager to analyze your campaign and formulate actions that will optimize your remarketing plan and improve your conversion rate. Upon request, we will gladly take over the management of your Google Remarketing campaign.

Your Marketing team need new and fresh Online Marketing ideas?

Use the application with purchasers interested in buying – we show you how remarketing works and what you have to keep in mind at all times. Our Certified Google Ads & Google Remarketing Experts will pick you up at your current state knowledge and develop your knowledge of systematics and unleash rich opportunities that lie in Google Ads and Remarketing campaigns.

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