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Any link that leads to your page is a recommendation – it can be both positive and negative.

A link audit with a customized link building strategy is  essential for your business success for several reasons. On the one hand Google evaluates these backlinks like word of mouth. They are an important indicator for Google and decide on the value and relevance of your homepage.

A smart link strategy improves your ranking in organic search results, making it an important part of any SEO strategy.

Link building is Brand Building

On the other hand, you can significantly increase the confidence in your brand through a sophisticated link strategy. With the new Google updates in 2020, Domain authority is key to rank higher! You need to have highly relevant links to gain more authority in your area. For example a local pizzeria in Bath, UK needs to gain links from food bloggers in the area to write about the best Pizzeria in Bath. So imagine this foodblogger has an x amount of readers and click on the page about pizza’s in Bath. This way you not only gain quick relevant organic traffic but you also show you get a relevant external ‘link’ – Google love this!

Trust leads to a simplification of the purchase decision with the customer and gives him the necessary security to make the right decision. Intelligent brand building especially supports brands and companies with high competitive pressure to differentiate themselves from other brands.

It will increase the quality of your traffic on your website in the long term, as well as your conversion rate and thus your profits.

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Linkprofile Audit for Linkbuilding

In the ranking of search engines, both the positive and the negative recommendation links flow. Google is particularly hard on web strategies that circumvent existing Google regulations. As part of the link audit, we look at the status of your backlinks in detail. When we start to work together this will be the first start – we analyze what kind of links you have and ‘disavow’ the toxic links. Did you know that toxic links can influence your rankings negatively? This called White & Black hat SEO what is part of our overall SEO Audit.

E-commerce analysis of the market

Good backlinks are attractive to the target groups and tailored to you. The construction of a concept therefore takes place with care and in several steps. In addition to the screening of the actual situation through a link audit, an intensive analysis of the market, your competitors and your previous communication and marketing strategy forms the basis for a sound link and brand building strategy.

Outreach and implementation of a backlink strategy

Building on a link audit and analysis of the market, we help you to create and implement a strategically sound and sustainable backlink strategy. We document each single set backlink and inform you with regular reports.

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