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Due to our international network and many years of experience – specifically in the field of e-commerce – we are one of the few agencies who fully focused on international SEO area that is able to professionally drive your expansion plans by developing an SEO optimized international website.

We help you optimize your online presence to ensure that your company is listed in the organic search engine rankings internationally. Among other things, it is important to use various signals to let the search engines know which version of your website should be displayed for each country.

Without professional targeting, it is simply impossible to be found in the search results of international countries and, therefore, it will not be possible to conquer the international market.

Being found in an international environment is essential for certain industries. In e-commerce companies, international SEO is usually standard, but it is also beneficial for multinational companies or companies in the tourism industry that need international SEO in order to successfully achieve their corporate goals.

Regardless of whether you want to branch out from the Dutch / German / English-speaking market you name it into other destinations  – we offer professional support on your internationalization venture. We have a local SEO Agency in The Netherlands and even being present as a SEO Agency in Sydney.

Act global, think local

Purely translating pre-existing webpages will not get the job done.  In short, what is relevant in terms of SEO optimized content in your home country will not automatically address users in the targeted countries.

In order to be internationally successful, you will require sophisticated content and a domain and backlink strategy.  These are necessary to be top-ranked by Google & Bing in the international target markets.

Keep in mind that your customers’ needs and expectations may vary from country to country, and your products, services, and pricing policies may require modifications to be successful around the world.

In addition, technical adjustments are an important cornerstone of successful international SEO. In order to open up to new target markets online, technical implementations are required that tell the search engines exactly which markets your website qualifies for.

An intelligent international SEO strategy plays through OnPage optimization – the users will only see the content that is relevant in each country.

The link profile is also crucial for international SEO success: Depending on the individual’s competitive situation, the international link building strategy is adapted to the respective target countries in order to bring your international SEO performance to the top with the help of high-quality digital recommendations

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Analysis & OnPage Optimization of existing international websites

Work with what we Got

Have us analyze your existing website to identify its current status and the potential of your online presence. This is particularly recommended for companies that operate in an international environment and do not continuously optimize their websites. Due to the permanent development of the search engine algorithms, a regular check of the International SEO standards is an essential factor in your goal of achieving long-term top ranking in the organic search results.  If you are active in sectors such as tourism, you can reach new audiences through a smart digital internationalization strategy.

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Are you planning the expansion of your brand, either out of or into the English-speaking area? We are happy to assist you in planning and implementing a tailor-made internationalization strategy for your online market presence. Benefit from working with international experts to help you build sustainable visibility in your target market’s searches.

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Search engines place a high value on providing their users with high-quality, up-to-date search results. For this purpose, it is necessary to update your homepage regularly to keep your customers up-to-date. Similarly, the regular changes in the algorithms make continuous OnPage adjustments that you need to keep up with. We support you in keeping your website SEO-optimized and always visible with top rankings in your target countries.

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