How to boost Ecommerce sales

5 Tactics to boost your eCommerce sales

The dream of many internet entrepreneurs, waking up and seeing orders from your webshop in your email. Having the increase eCommerce sales automated – means freedom! But how do you get this done is main the question. In this article we would like to zoom in, how you can boost your eCommerce sales. We will look at increasing traffic to your website and some ‘Growth hacking tips & tricks’. A webshop is basically E-commerce and we have good news: The number of people buying online will also increase the coming year. People buy more online and mobile is important. In this article we will also look at the trends and developments within the growing E commerce market. The topics that we will discuss may be different for each sector, we will give several examples.Digital Marketing Agency

What are the trends in E commerce land

Currently there is roughly a population of 66 million in the UK. In 2019 alone, the number of online purchases grew by more than 13% year on year in the entire UK. During Covid-19 we even see the online numbers being doubled to 23%. The world is changing rapidly and we see a swift in classic UK retail chains all moving to online. People tend to feel fabrics in the shops and buy online. People start to feel safe to purchase online. Even in remote areas of the UK, it’s clear that the households that shop online are doing so more frequently and they are buying a wider variety of products.

Online retailers that offer speedy delivery and reliable returns are winning market share. For that reason, it’s absolutely vital that retailers work hand-in-glove with their logistics partner to provide the kind of seamless experience today’s consumers expect. From an international perspective, China is continuing to drive much of the overseas demand for UK goods. The UK has a booming growth market because of our reputation for producing clean, safe and premium-quality products. Interesting!!

Tip 1: Focus on your profitable sales channels

Are you in travel, fashion or do you have a creative webshop? Integrate Instagram into your webshop and did you know that you can also set up a shop at Instagram? Travel and fashion in particular is visual, so you can attract attention with beautiful photos. If you sell a simple book, for example, which is mainly tangible, you can think about marketplaces, i.e. Amazon. It is  becoming interesting to investigate multiple sales channels and no longer have a pure focus on SEA and eCommerce SEO services. The internet offers more options than ever! Is your target group a bit older and are you, for example, a recruiter? LinkedIn is the way to go !! Just going back to a webshop, we see a trend that people make less use of Social Media but you can score well in specific “niche markets” as Travel and Fashion is booming in Instagram. Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing? This is also becoming important for a webshop to develop. Offer an “affiliate” program so other people start to work for your profit. In short, choose the right channel outside your webshop to generate extra sales.

Tip 2: Increase traffic to your website

Do you have no visitors or have few? Then there is an important aspect to get more ‘shoppers’. You must have “shoppers” in your webshop to be able to convert them to customers. If you have a great budget, Make extra landing pages and push it with ads to get short-term more people visiting your landing page. Do you want more organic visitors? Mr Digital Marketing Agency there we are, we play an important role to get you more ‘shoppers’. We make an SEO strategy for you and together we look at how we can use all channels. It is important to be a “specialist” in your market and to inform your visitors. Think of a blog with ‘how to clean shoes’ when you have a webshop for shoes, a knowledge base platform at your webshop that is very important to get your visitor to your webshop. Even easier, we sell SEO packages and we now make an article for you as a webshop owner to provide more information. Content = King!ecommerce sales

Tip 3: Add local payment methods

Payment methods? That’s right, you finally have a visitor shopping around and are enjoying shopping and then they arrive at the payment page. Many people drop out because you only have a Visa and Mastercard option and go quickly to the competitor. Did you know that Ideal is the most important payment method In Dutch Market? In Australia it is common sense to have Mastercard and Visa, going internationally with Ecommerce you need to adjust to the local consumer. Sure Mr SEO, well actually almost every new client we need to bring this up during the international SEO  strategies. So offer your potential customer multiple payment options. The more choice, the easier it is for someone to make a payment. After some “growth hacking” analyses, we always see that an Ideal integration will offer the necessary extra revenue for example entering the Dutch market. Many people think, this makes sense but you are shocked how many web shops do not offer extra payment methods!!

Tip 4: Add a Live chat option

Visitors often decide on a purchase after the product has already been placed in the shopping cart. In case of doubts and questions, it is useful that you can help the visitor as quickly as possible. The live chat offers many benefits for both visitors and web store owners. Are you tired of always answering the same questions? Then we always advise to create a knowledge base page or a FAQ (frequently asked questions page). The more questions you handle here, the easier it is.
For the visitor, the live chat is a low-threshold way of contacting. In addition, it is a lot more reliable if someone is present to help you immediately. Higher reliability also helps to boost your conversion. We find Crisp a perfect live chat solution because the e-mail addresses can be directly linked to Mailchimp. This way you automatically build an email list for email marketing, that is pure Growth Hacking! Crisp also gives the option to automatically save all your customer data so that you are creating a CRM system. So it becomes more important to integrate all your tools together. and last but not least, Voice SEO will be super important!seo agency bath

Tip 5: Be clear in your menu structure

You probably think that this is not really a tip – this is definitely a tip! We have had many online store clients where we will first start having a look at the menu structure. It may be easy for you to search for a product, but the visitor must be able to find something quickly. As an example, we had a customer who sold baskets in specific materials to claim the ‘Niche market’ = The material. It is important to consider SEO, the user experience and also conversion optimization. This is a difficult job to achieve. We always recommend starting from the basics, the product, the material, the colour and make an overview page with the filters. A category page is also important to score in organic traffic. So cluster your products and let them make filters from to get the perfect product. Compiling something yourself such as a car will keep a visitor longer on your website, lower bounce rate = Bingo!

We can continue to give tips endlessly and hope you have learned something again. As Mr Digital you can always send us a message to have a FREE strategy together and how we can help you to increase ecommerce sales.