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The Google Display Network consists of millions of affiliate websites that allow you to target, promote, create brand awareness and reach your core audience. This network includes services from Google (Youtube, Gmail, and DoubleClick ADExchange), and other websites like Amazon.

A wide variety of smaller, even private websites, gives you the opportunity to act in targeted niche areas as well. Although these are not as well-attended as larger platforms, they guarantee focused access to highly-interested users, thereby reducing the spread and advertising wastage. Even the top-ranked and highly visible sites of your competitors can be part of the partner network – so you can “pick up” your target group directly from the competition. This is absolutely interesting if you offer specific products or services.

Support the reputation of your brand

The advantage that the Google Display Campaign has over Google’s search network is that you can display your advertising as part of the websites that your customers are using.

This is beneficial because users spend more time on partner networks to inform themselves about topics and products than in the search network. For new brands, it may make more sense to implement a display campaign prior to a search campaign. Before users search for your product or service, they need to know about it. This is what makes our Google Display services unique – we combine several ppc strategies to improve your online presence.
The strategic interplay of the different methods of advertising that Google offers to businesses is essential. Mr Digital will be pleased to brainstorm and discuss the Google display services.

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Ongoing support of your Google Display campaigns

The strategic implementation of your Google Display campaign is essential for its success. On the one hand, this means combining the different advertising options in a meaningful way and building on each one. On the other hand, this means the targeted and effective development of your display campaign for your target audience. Mr Digital will constantly monitor your campaign and optimize it as needed.

Analysis of your current Google Display campaigns

Do you have an ongoing Google Display campaign and are not satisfied with the previous or current results? Mr Digital will take a closer look at the campaign and work out an optimized version to achieve your desired success. On request, we will gladly take over the ongoing support or we work with your marketing team.

Catch up calls, in house workshops for efficient communication

We like to work fast and efficient – time is money! We don’t work with standard Google Adwords pricing packages. Every business is different and we discuss your business goals during our calls and make a plan. Mr Digital has been working with Google Ads for many years and is happy to discuss the various types of advertising. Do you already have marketing teams in place and need some fresh insights? We will discuss what works best to get fast results.

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